It is completely different to grow your own weed than to start growing your own succulent. Weed is a complicated plant species that takes a lot of patience to maintain and take care of on your own. You can buy weed and have it delivered to you by Kannafleur or Only Good Weed. However, we do see the interest in growing your own cannabis. Luckily, we made the crash course for you to start growing your little Ganga greens at your own home.

Cannabis flowers are processed to form different kinds of cannabis products. Oils, concentrates, edibles, and joints are just few of the many kinds of cannabis products that you can purchase. When growing your cannabis, you will be able to grow flowers that you can grind and roll into a joint or blunt. 

When can you harvest and smoke your weed? 

After 4 months, your cannabis buds should be ready for harvest. You will need to dry them for at least a week prior to smoking. After one week, you should cure your weed for two weeks. 

1. Where should I get the seeds to start growing my own cannabis? 

The more CBD there is in a ratio, the less of a psychoactive high you'll feel.

There are websites online where you can buy cannabis leaves. Royal Queen Seeds has a wide

Selection of seeds that you can purchase. Next, you want to decide the type of flower you want to plant-based on the available space that you have to grow your cannabis plant. Indicas or Autoflowering plants (those that germinate in 2-4 weeks) are small enough to keep in a cabinite. To learn more about different sized cannabis plants, learn more from Royal Queen Seeds. 

2. Find a place to grow your own cannabis 

We recommend starting indoors with a smaller plant in order to have more control over the environment where your plant is growing. It’s better to start with a smaller plant to learn how to grow your cannabis-based on trial and error. It’s also less expensive to maintain throughout the time you grow your weed. 

3. Find good lighting for growing your weed 

It’s important that you monitor the light that you’re using when you grow cannabis. HID (high-intensity discharge) lights or LED lights are recommended for growing weed. HID lights can change the color and intensity of the light that is used to grow your cannabis. Cannabis needs at least 8+ hours of controlled lighting daily in order to grow (for more info on HID lights, click here). 

4. Pick a super-soil for your cannabis 

High-quality soil is important for growing cannabis. Leafly recommends that organic pre-fertilized soil is important to grow cannabis plants. This soil already has the added nutrients needed for growing your plants. Added nutrients from organic organisms like worms can help sustain the growth of your weed but are not necessary. 

Store-bought weed is also good for growing your plants. However, the best way to grow your weed is to manage the pH of the soil and add nutrients. 

Make sure to give your weed the right nutrients as well. You can read more on Leafly or Grow Weed Easy. 

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