The Dopest Edibles shouldn’t taste too much like dope. It’s known that high amounts of THC—like a 100 mg brownie—can taste extremely strong. Edibles with lower amounts of THC are much more suited to taste. 

If you’re new to trying out edibles, then we have the list for you. Kannafleur welcomes new stoners to try new products—especially edibles. This list has some of our favorite edible brands that you can try and have delivered to your door!

Try Some Savory Edibles 

Heavenly Sweets has a wide variety of snacks that you can try, but have you ever tried a savory edible? Heavenly Sweet’s 10 mg Ranch Crackers are the edible version of Cheez-Its. This crunchy, hybrid edible is a great snack when you want to get high. They’re the dopest edibles to keep discrete, and comes with 10 doses per package.

Want Some Classic Edibles? Try More of the Dopest Edibles from Heavenly Sweet 

You may have tried some regular cookies, but have you ever tried Heavenly Sweet’s Salted Caramel Squookie? This whole edible maxes out at 100 mg THC for 10 doses of 10 THC mg. We recommend that you take on one dose at a time, but you can enjoy this treat anytime you’d like. This salty, sweet, caramel treat balances out the cannabis in this squookie. 

Another great treat you could try is Heavenly Sweets’s Rice Crispy Treat. With the same dosage as their salted caramel squookie, this rice crispy treat has a soft marshmallow and rice crispy bite. This balance of flavors makes it unnoticeable if you’re eating an edible.

Try Out Some Classic Gummies

If you want a classic fruity edible, try our selection from The Legion of Bloom’s Glowing Budda. The Legion of Bloom Glowing Budda’s chili-mango, pineapple, and grape gummies are juicy flavors are the dopest edibles to get high with and have a nice fruity treat. With 10 doses at 10 mg, you can have as little or as much as you like—just remember to get high responsibly. 

Have Some Classic Chocolate Edibles 

Sometimes you want to have something classic and simple. This is where Focus’s Relaxation THC and Woodlock Chocolate come in. Focus’s Woodlock chocolate is a 2:1 CBD dominant chocolate that is 70% cocoa. Have a nice dark chocolate treat that can relax your body. If you want to really get high and relaxed, Focus’s Relaxation THC is the chocolate bar for you.

If you don’t want to eat an edible, let your drinks get you high. 

Want to enjoy your afternoon tea with some THC? Then put some of Shoogies Cane Sugar and Agave Nectar into your cup. Give your drinks a little kick with this THC additive. This product is great for ingesting THC without tasting the extra cannabis.

In the end, there are a ton of edible products on the market for you to try. Kannafleur is here to guide you on your cannabis journey! 

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