Being high or drunk can be fun, but we all have to be responsible while we’re intoxicated. Weed and alcohol are essentials to having a good get-together with your friends or having a great celebration. But when it comes to weed and alcohol, which is better? We’ll provide you with some research that will allow you to inform your understanding and opinions. We suggest that you look into other sources to educate yourself on this subject as well. 

What we know about weed and alcohol (based on research)

There’s not enough research on weed. It’s only been a few years since weed has been legalized for recreational use for some states. This has lead to a lack of research in studies related to driving while high. The Try Guys have tested the effects of both weed and alcohol on driving. These tests are informative and fun to watch! 

Public opinion on weed and alcohol 

Cannabis stigma comes from the US’s racist past. We advocate for cannabis reform and for the decriminalization of weed. The US is extremely divided on the issue of weed legalization. A 2014 study from the Pew Research Center on “Views of Marijuana, Decriminalization, and Concerns” shows that public opinion is divided in half—54% of Americans believed weed should be legal and 42% advocated for weed to remain illegal. 

Deaths from Weed and Alcohol 

Cannabis is fully legal in 12 states. However, according to Promises Austin, an individual needs to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint in order to put themselves at risk of dying. In comparison, alcohol is legal nationwide, but according to the CDC, alcohol is responsible for 93,000 deaths each year.

How both affect your body 

Both weed and alcohol affect your judgment and cognition momentarily. Getting intoxicated by both alters your reality. However, by being responsible as your intoxicated, either substance can offer you a relaxing and enlightening experience. 

Weed can have multiple effects on your body. At Kannafleur, we have blogs describing the physical and mental effects of THC. In short, weed can relax muscle aches and stimulate creativity. You can get the munchies, relieve your anxiety, and so on. 

Alcohol can offer a relaxing experience to the drinker. People are able to let loose. However, too much alcohol can induce nausea and drowsiness. 

Drink and Smoke Responsibly 

In the end, we encourage you to ingest either alcohol and weed responsibly. Take care of yourself while you let loose, and check out Kannafleur and Only Good Weed for some great weed products! 

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